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2023 Election: Adams Oshiomole and the Battle for Presidency

The next election is still in the next two years, but political players are already beneath the scene doing permutations, sharpening their tools and getting ready for battle. Among these is the former All Progressive Congress (APC) Chairman Adams Oshiomole. Do not be surprise that when it is time to contest for the ticket of the party, Adams Oshiomole commonly called "Oshio Baba" may throw in his cap.

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Not too long ago, he was removed from his position. Why was he removed precisely? Well the answer given on the surface was that his tenure has elapsed. Though some said it was illegal for him to remain as the Chairman of the party since he was expelled from the party at the ward level in his state. They went further to say that since he was removed, he never contested his removal nor did anything about it, therefore it was wrong to remain as the Chairman. If you can remember the court battles that went on during that period. One court nullified the authenticity of his office, yet another validated his claim as the Chairman. This went back and forth, until Mr. President decided to put him in place. This he did by setting up a caretaker committee to run the affairs of the party. Till now, the is no known Chairman of the party, what we have is someone who is acting in that position, or let me say a tentative chairman. It can be said that the legacy Adams Oshiomole left was dividing th party rather than uniting it. This is evident in the expulsion of Godwin Obaseki from the party and as a result lost one more siting governor to the opposing party. The former Chairman did not cover himself in glory, for by that singular action, his political career is now hanging by a thread. For he has been rendered redundant and facing political oblivion.

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Like a cat with nine lives, a man who refuses to surrender or as one who is faceless, whichever one that he accord to himself, is eying the presidency in the next general election. Make no mistake, you have not seen the last of Oshiomole in the Nigeria political landscape. He is actively weighing his option. If the undergoing movement is correct, he is consulting with the northern elites, seeking their cooperation. He wants Malam Nasiru El-Rufai to be his running mate.

One thing is vividly clear, no politician in this country has shame. It is business as usual for them all. Hardly will you find one who places the interest of nation above his or her self interest. It is usually "I, me and mine" before the nation, and this is the sole reason we are in the mess we are in as a country, none of our leaders have genuine interest in serving the nation. Many are visionless, or I should say the vision they have is for themselves and their families. If not they would not be jumping from one party to another because of their desperation to rule over the masses as if it is their birthrights.

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The election of 2023 should not be one contested by the so called power bent politicians who have been stained by corruption, that nothing can wash it clean. People like Adams Oshiomole should not even dream of contesting in the next election. Yes it is his fundamental human right, but one thing is certain; he has nothing good to offer this nation if he becomes the number one citizen. For the height of his political empire was dictatorship, disunity and confusion. Are these what he has in mind to offer Nigerians if he decides to contest for presidency in the next general election? Hence the question; what is Adams Oshiomole looking for in 2023?

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