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How significant is Trump’s Middle East ‘initiatives’ in reducing political tension in the region?

President Trump’s Middle East peace initiatives appear to have sent a strong message of hope to the Free world. In fact, Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize when He brought Israel and its two Arab neighbors to the negotiating table. Now that Saudi Arabia and others are also joining, it looks like Trump and Israel are not simply asking for a token friendships only. But Trump and Netanyahu of Israel envisage this deal to have a good economic and public relations appeal to the region as well. Even Sudan has been willing to negotiate, despite that the US had originally placed that country in the list of terror organizations.

Further, it seems like something good is beginning to happen from the Trump-Netanyahu initiative that will encourage other neighboring countries to consider the same step. Not to mention that the Palestinian cause will have a much better hope of getting sorted out now that Israel and its friendly neighbors can work together with the express purpose of truly getting down to business rather than play politics; as was the case in previous US and EU governments.

Not especially. The normalization agreements which are in negotiations, or have recently been agreed, are largely between countries which have not had any serious conflicts for many years. If the Saudis had managed to come to terms with Qatar I might be impressed but that is still some way off. The underlying reason for these agreements is that Saudi Arabia is seeking to form a broad alliance to counter Iran's regional influence. Israel and the US would obviously also like to bottle up Iran so they are very willing to help this process along. However such an alliance is not very likely to ease tensions in the ME as Iran is bound to kick back in some way.

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