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Fun: Different Types of Landlords In Nigeria

When people scout for apartments in Nigeria, they usually have a list of things that would make the apartment suitable for inhabitation. Such things like availability of light, proximity to place of work, access to water are usually top of the list. Some people are also want to know if the Landlord resides in the same place; sometimes this is a dealbreaker. If the Landlord happens to live within the vicinity, you are unlikely to find out what type of person he is until you move in. Here's a list of the type of landlord you may face.

The Observer

This type doesn't go anywhere. He is always at his corridor observing every activity, taking note of everybody's movement like Big Brother.

The Troublemaker

He is not around so often but whenever he comes back, there's always one trouble or another.

The Promiscuous

He is always scouting ways to get your wife or your daughters to his bed. Sometimes, his wife knows that he is a man-whore.

The Old and Paranoid

He is a retired worker who is getting closer to the grave. The type of children he has does not give him peace of mind. He's afraid that when he eventually dies, his children may sell off his properties.

The Rich

He has so many properties scattered around the state. He's very generous and treats his tenants with respect.

The Weak

He is not exactly in control of anything. The real power lies in the hands of his wife. Once she says a tenant is giving her trouble, a quit notice is served

The Serious

This landlord does not want to hear stories when it comes to his rent. If the tenant is misbehaving, the landlord wastes no time in involving his lawyer.

Old Soldier

He is probably a retired soldier now acting like a vigilante. Any small noice around his property at night, he has his gun at the ready.

The Diabolic

This landlord acts weird. He gives you occultic vibes. You usually do anything possible to avoid confrontation or crossing him in anyway because your destiny may hang in the balance.

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