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Meet The Only Woman In History Who Has Been Wife To Two Presidents Of Different Countries

Being the wife of the president of any country makes a woman to be referred to as the first lady of that country, but very few women have such opportunities.

Here is a woman who set a record by becoming the only woman in the world to become the wife of two presidents in different countries, at different times.

Her name is Graca Machel, she is the only woman in the world to have been the first lady of two countries.

Graca's first marriage was in 1975 to the then president of Mozambique, Samora Machel. Machel was a widower who lost his wife in 1971. She was both the first lady of Mozambique and also the Minister of Education.

Unfortunately, just after their eleventh wedding anniversary, her husband died in plane crash, in October 1986. The death of her husband affected her so much, so she resigned from her ministerial position.

this is Graca with her husband Samora Machel

Losing her husband also created another opportunity for her, she later got married to Nelson Mandela, who was the then president of South Africa. Graca served as the first lady of South Africa for only one year, as Mandela served as president for one term before stepping down.

Graca was fifty-two years old when she got married to Mandela, who was eighty years old at the time. Graca was the third woman Mandela got married to, he had divorced his previous two wives. Mandela and Graca's marriage lasted until Mandela’s death in December 2013.

Aside from getting married to presidents, Graca herself is an influential woman whose contributions to the freedom of Mozambique cannot be overemphasized. She schooled in Portugal before returning home to join in the fight for freedom in her country. It was after all these that she got married to the first president of Mozambique, Samora Machel. Even after the death of her second husband, she has continued to work for the development and welfare of vulnerable children in Africa.

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