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Joe Agi SAN Holds Out The Olive Branch: Sues For Peace And Cooperation - Hon Gabe Ugor

The primary election has come and gone, winner has emerged and plans for the main by-election are being executed already. The election ended with some in frayed nerves that should be defrayed with our humane behavioural disposition at this juncture.

Chief Joe Agi SAN Campaign Organization is not ignorant of the trite that a time such as this, it requires little thought to realise that we have to depend on each other at every turn of our lives and endeavour to achieve a particular goal. A goal such as the contest to fly the party's flag and eventually wins the race as in the forthcoming northern Cross River Senatorial by-election.

We must try to avoid the bullying, aggressive, scowling and critical attitude in our relationship with supporters of former aspirants. Since variety is the spice of life, none of us has a monopoly of brains or wisdom. We must therefore learn to be tolerant of the views and opinions of others. This is the time to sheathe our swords and earnestly conjoin forces as party adherents. Already, stakeholders have started calling for reconciliation. 

As one people expressing our political opinions and seeking to lead the people politically, we have to show ourselves to be a people of courage, humility, unselfish and magnanimous in victory. Such deeds will mark us as a true people in the best tradition of our democracy.

"I am happy and greatly pleased at this moment to once again add my expression of gratitude to the leaders and faithfuls of our great party, the APC for their sincere and devoted efforts thus far on behalf of Chief Joe Agi SAN Campaign Organization by waving and putting forward an olive branch on behalf of Chief Joe Agi SAN — signifying a call for truce and cooperation in the days ahead".

In such spirit, "I call on our teeming supporters and associates to stop any form of bickering, unhealthy debate, commentary and opinion articles on print or electronic media capable of hurting the feelings of our brethren that loss gallantly at the just concluded primary election. As our loyal and ardent supporters, no need wasting your energy to pull down or pull to pieces anybody".

"Rather, we're enjoined to save such energy to pull together at the poll comes October 31st. Whosoever goes contrary to the aforesaid, does so in bad faith and not in the interest of our principal or for the party".

"May I as well appeal to the various consciences of the rest aspirants to accept this olive branch in the spirit of sportsmanship. God bless you all!"

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Gabe Ugor Joe Agi Olive Branch Sues For Peace And


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