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Why the Northern Elders Forum is Right to Say the North will Continue Ruling Nigeria.

The Northern Elders Forum has described as undemocratic and unconstitutional the stance by Southern governors that presidency be Zoned to Southern Nigeria come 2023. The Northern Elders Forum claimed instead that the North will continue rule Nigeria because they have the population.

According to the Guardian this position was made known by the Director of Publicity and Advocacy of the Northern Elders Forum Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed. According to him "As far as the north is concerned, the idea that it would be threatened, intimidated or blackmailed to give up a position that ought to be settled democratically is not allowed.

However, it should be said here that the Northern Elders Forum is right to say the north will continue to rule Nigeria because they have the number and that zoning is unconstitutional and undemocratic.

First of all, politics is a game of number and democracy is a system of government where the majority rule through their elected representatives. Nigeria has thirty six states and a federal capital territory to make it 37. The north has 19 with the federal capital territory to make it 20 while Southern Nigeria on the other hand has only 17 states. In terms of number and population, it is very obvious that the North is the majority in Nigeria.

Secondly, zoning is undemocratic and is no where mentioned in the Nigeria Constitution. The only way a Southern candidate can be presented in the two major Political parties in the country is if the South lobbies these two parties to present Southern candidates only.

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