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Why Nigeria Should Not be Called a Nation but a State.

Many a Nigerian erroneously refer to Nigeria as a nation when in actuality Nigeria is nothing more than a state. A nation is defined as a group of homogeneous People with common ethnic ties and affiliations while a state on the other hand is defined as group of heterogeneous People with a definite boundary.

Below are some of the reasons why Nigeria Should not be called a nation but a state.

First and foremost, a nation is a group of homogeneous People with the same culture and language but a state is made up of heterogeneous People. Nigeria is not made up of homogeneous but heterogeneous People as seen in our ethnic diversity. Infact over 200 languages are spoken across the country.

Secondly, a nation may not possess a definite boundary, independence and sovereignty. For instance, we can say the Yoruba nation has no definite boundary, independence or sovereignty since they can be found in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo etc the same goes for the Hausa nation that can be found in Nigeria, Mali and other West African countries.

It is very obvious now that the nature and structure of Nigeria makes it a state and not a nation. Please leave a message in the comment section. Also like and share this article. Don't forget to follow me for more interesting articles.

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