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2023 Elections: See Top 2 Possible Flagbearers Nigerians Should Vote For And Why They Should Do So

The race of the presidency is once again reignited following the forthcoming expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari's tenure. You will agree with me that this current administration has done a lot to ensure the betterment of the Nigerian society with the available resources at their disposal despite the visible economic and insecurity challenges facing the country at the moment.

At such, it will be quite unwise if we don't consider some of the issues affecting the country while making a choice on who the next president of the country should be. The unity of Nigeria is at the verge of collapse at the moment, and the only way we can avoid division among ourselves in this country, is to put aside tribal sentiment and consider merits while making a choice on who the next president of the country should be.

This time around, we should not play APC and PDP party Politics, rather we should be concerned about choosing the right person that can lead us from the mess we are currently in.

What are the challenges affecting the country?

1. Insecurity

2. Unemployment.

3. Economic challenges.

4. Insurgency.

For every challenges we have in this country, there are well equipped leaders that can take the country in the right direction. So therefore, I will be giving us a list of leaders who will best fit in to bring an end to the problems listed above.

1. Yemi Osinbajo. Although the vice president of the country is a member of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, he is way above some of the leaders we have there. Yemi Osinbajo has proven overtime to be the best choice for the country in terms of Economic development judging by the many achievements he has made during his period as vice president of the country.

Osinbajo's inauguration of the presidential enabling business environment council and the enabling business environment Secretariat (EBES), moved Nigeria up 39 places on the World Bank's ease of doing business rankings since 2016.

Also, his economic sustainability plan has benefitted a lot of Nigerians than ever before. Many of them have benefitted from the various tracks such as payroll support track, Artisan track as well as Rapid Response Register.

2. El-Rufai: the Kaduna State governor is one of the best candidate for the position of the presidency if we are concerned about tackling insecurity in the country.

Although Kaduna state is currently going through rough patches at the moment, El-Rufai's dynamic approach to the issue of banditry and Kidnapping in the state is unrivaled. If the country must be free from Insecurity and terrorism, we need a government that will not succumb to the demands of terrorists and at the same time, take appropriate measures to defeat them. El-Rufai has refused to yield to the demands of criminals in Kaduna state for sometime now and although, it has not been entirely commendable, we need his type in the helm of leadership of this country.

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