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Opinion: Why Okorocha may be right about cost of governance in Nigeria.

The former governor of Imo state and Senator representing Imo West senatorial district at the 9th senate, Sen. Rochas Okorocha, just called for reduction in cost of governance in Nigeria.

Sen. Okorocha(

The national assembly of Nigeria has two chambers,the upper and lower chambers. The upper chamber is called the senate, with about 109 members, about 3 per state and 1 for the FCT. The lower chamber on the other hand has more members, with 360 members. The lower chamber in Nigeria is called the House of Representatives.


Sen. Okorocha's view that these large numbers be cut down to 1senator per state, and 6 house of reps.members per state , comes at a time when Nigeria is neck deep into debts and borrowing. It makes sense, because it millions on naira monthly to sustain these lawmakers.

House of assembly (

This high costs need to be checked, as a reduced number can still do the job of these multitude.

Italy too, recently cut down on the number of lawmakers too. It didn't ruin their economy or country, if anything, it saved them costs.

Nigeria spends so much money on governance, that the actual sectors of the economy requiring proper funding lack it.

If for years Nigeria has stuck to the old ways, filling the house with many people and struggling to reach at favorable consensus on important issues, it is a wise move to cut the number down.


Withdrawal Sen.Okorocha, an APC member and a senator himself to suggest this, it definitely has merits that should not be overlooked.

Nigeria has always played the politics of emotions and not looking at critical issues with objectivity. Reducing the number of senators and representatives may seem like a love to shortchange some regions with less number of them, but it ultimately makes no sense. With any increase in their number for those with less number of states, the same increase goes for those with many states.

What decision can three senators take that one can not?.

Nigeria needs to wake up to reality, that she can not continue with the systems put in place during the oil boom days, when the dollar to naira rate made sense. Now, she borrows every now and then, and needs to cut costs.

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