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A man spotted climbing into Buhari's house in London while Protesting

Nigerians living in the Diasporas allegedly protested in London after the president arrived in his house for a medical checkup in London. While they were Protesting, a man tried to go into Buhari's house by climbing his fence.

Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari's latest visit to London has been met by outcry, with his critics enraged at his frequent trips abroad for medical treatment and the country's frail health care system.

Since 2015, President Buhari came into power as the President, he has made several trips to London. Although the nature of his ailments has never been made public, Buhari confessed during one of the trips that he had never been so Ill.

His frequent trips abroad for medical treatment have brought criticism about the Government's transparency over his illness and worries about Leadership during some of his longer absences.

Nigerians are furious after the Government announced that President Muhammad Buhari will be traveling London on Tuesday for a "routine medical check-up".

A statement from the presidential spokesperson Feminine Adesina did not reveal Buhari's condition but assured Nigerians that the president will return home in the second week of April.

Nigerians living in London expressed their dismay following Buhari's trips to UK to seek medical care. During the Demonstration in front of Buhari's house, a man got Infuriated and tried to climb inside his house.

others advised him not to make such decisions during the protest.

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