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Xi Jinping's deal with Winnie the Pooh

Open your eyes and see the truth about China.

This is a kind of T-shirt in China’s UNIQLO. In real China, Winnie the Pooh is just a cartoon image. Those who like to make political connections or rumors are often those who do not know China. Therefore, if the Indian who asked this question want to know about China, he should seriously investigate and contact someone in China, and don't be cheated by some Indian media who lie all day long. If some Indians really want to defeat China, then please correctly understand China, rather than rely on the spirit of self-comfort. Otherwise, victory will only exist in fantasy and movies.

In the So-called list posted by the Indian, the name of the soldiers are the founders of the People’s Liberty Army, like Wang Zhen, Xu Shiyou.

I don't know if the questioner has gone to understand history. In fact, it was the Indian who released the so-called list that spread the rumors.

Take a closer look at this list. They are all Chinese generals at the time of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Is it a coincidence that these old generals have climbed out of their graves and fought hand to hand with the Indian army in Ladakh? Then I think the Indian army must have seen ghosts. What's more, China's current documents and lists are in simplified Chinese, and the level of counterfeiting by the Indian trolls is amateur from top to bottom. It's OK to cheat people who don't know history, but when it comes to authenticity, it's nothing more than self consolation.

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