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OPINION: 3 Strong Reasons A Serving Senator May Resign His Post To Become Deputy Governor In Nigeria

It may surprise some people when they think of how politicians behave and make their political choices most times.

Rise of politics, fall of reason | Journal NG

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One may think that it is better to be a Senator which is a top federal political post than to just be a Deputy Governor of a State. This is because being a Deputy Governor of a state is not just a state post but it is also playing a mere second fiddle to the State Governor.

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While many people will agree that it is wise and a good decision to resign one’s Senate post to contest for Governor as many politicians have done over the years in Nigeria, a lot of people will think it is not so wise to leave Senate post to become a Deputy Governor. Come to think of it, there are reasons why it is also a wise decision to leave the Senate seat to become Deputy Governor as Senator Lawrence Ewrudjakpo did of Bayelsa State did in 2019. He is currently the Deputy to Governor Duoye Diri of Bayelsa State. Some of the reason why that decision is politically wise are discussed below.

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First, one of the best arms of government to belong to is the Executive arm. The Executive arm wields so much powers and privileges. It also controls enormous resources including people and money. Being the Deputy Governor means that the person is not just a member of the state Executive arm but the second in command. Being one out of three Senators that represent a state does not come with that kind of power and privileges.

Explosions rock Shell, Agip facilities in Bayelsa - Punch Newspapers

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Second, being a Senator is being one out of the 109 Senators in Nigeria. Many of the Senators serve and go without even being known or without making much political impacts in their states not to talk of in the country at large. But as a Deputy Governor, the persons wields so much political power and influence after the Governor. It will even be better if the Deputy Governor and the Governor have a good rapport like Senators Diri and his Deputy have even before coming to power. In this case, their principal to subordinate relationship will be cordial and the Governor will give his Deputy more chances to shine too.

I didn't know I'll be governor — Diri - Vanguard News

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Third, a Deputy Governor is as good a Governor in waiting unlike a Senator. This is because the Deputy Governor plays the role of the Governor in his absence. Sometimes, the Governor delegates his Deputy to represent him in public functions. In that case, all the respects and privileges due to the Governor are still accorded to the Deputy Governor. This cannot be accorded to a Senator.

UPDATED: Supreme Court Affirms Diri As Bayelsa Governor – Channels  Television

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Most importantly, if the Governor is no more or is impeached, the Deputy Governor takes over power as the Governor. God forbid bad thing. But, it is just for learning purpose here. One of these two happened in Bayelsa before. When the then Governor Diepriye Alamieyeseigha was impeached, the then Deputy Governor Goodluck Jonathan became the Governor.

Goodluck Jonathan: How Alamieyeseigha influenced my becoming president -  ENewsNigeria

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From there, Jonathan rose to political prominence to the point of becoming the President of Nigeria. Jonathan might not have achieved that feat if he were just a Senator. Or how many Senators have succeeded in becoming the President of Nigeria? If you know of any, you can say it.

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