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This Isn't London or Paris, Its Nigeria. Behold The Beauty Of Our Motherland In 20 Aerial Pictures.

It is very common to hear Nigerians make degrading speeches about our country and its roads, infrastructures and buildings.

A popular proverb says: " When a lizard falls from a high Iroko tree without killing itself, it nods its head in self praise".

It is high time we praise our country amidst the bad image corrupt politicians and internet fraudsters are trying to give this nation.

We who were once the giant of Africa now cower in shame over the misdeeds of our fellow brothers and sisters.

Earlier today I overhead some children talking and one told the other.

"Nigeria is not fine, It is only America that is fine"

Albeit, I decided to make extensive research on my motherland and find out if for real we are not a sight to behold. I searched and searched until I came across beautiful aerial photos of Nigeria, that is photographs taken from aerial view.

Our country is a land flowing with milk and honey and I would frankly tell you that America and Other Developed countries didn't achieve development in one day.

America is over 243 years old not to mention England, Spain and other developed nations. Nigeria was plagued with a civil war that lasted for over 3 years and yet we've come this far despite being just 60 years old.

Sit back and enjoy, the pictures I want to show you are pictures of your homeland that'd make you smile.

Here are 20 aerial photos of beautiful cities in Nigeria.

These photos were gathered in the course of my research and they were taking from air. They include wealthy areas in cities like Kano, Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Port Harcourt, Uyo and many others.

Can you see how beautiful you country really is?

Before you call Nigeria a zoo think of these pictures and allow a smile cross your lips. With hard work and prayers you'd be able to live in places like this.

Don't you agree with me?

Drop your comments below.

Content created and supplied by: Alexbani (via Opera News )

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