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Herders Asking For 4% Of Land In Bauchi Is Big Slap To Buhari's Administration

I don't even if I should laugh or cry when I saw the news of herder demanding for a whole 4% of total land in Bauchi state in exchange of peace with farmers. How I wish Buhari's can remember and work towards the main aim of their government. 

A group of herder confidently demand for a sizeable portion of land belonging to Bauchi state. The administrative authority established by the state governor Bala Mohammed to investigate into land dispute between farmer and herders recently received a memo from a socio cultural group known as "daddo pulaku" asking for 4% of land in the state . 

According to punchnews, the group want the goverment to put into practice the cattle routes law of Bauchi state 2018, which forbid the cultivation of both sides of all major roads in the state by 30 meters from the drains.

The group clam that herder have always witness imcreasing maltreatment by people. The claimed that these people are still the one who love eating beef and at addicted to milk consumption. So, to totally solve the clash between farmer and herders 4% of land will imminent. 

As far as I'm concerned, the demand (not even request) for land is an embarrassment and a big slap to the government of president Muhammad Buhari who promised to fight corrupt and insecurity with the last drop of his blood. It could be recalled that many Nigerians voted against ex president Goodluck Jonathan because of the incessant killing and the unquenchable fire of terrorism in his day.

Many people voted for the incumbent president because he promised to fight insecurity, though his war against insecurity cannot be denied and its quite notable yet, he has not delivered his promise relating to farmer herders clash. 

For years, properties worth millions of naira has been destroyed and thousands of souls have been lost to clash between farmers and herder while Buhari's effort in this area has not really felt. 

I believe solving dispute should be demand, it should a result of mutual understanding where both government and herders will talk. 

The inability of Nigeria security body to capture and stop the violent herders in the country gives them more strength to make demand. 

However, it is very important to know that it's not "all herders that are violent ". 

My advice for president Buhari is that he should double up his effort I'm the war against insecurity. 

Do you agree with me that herders demand is big slap to Buhari's Administration?

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