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A Young Man In Borno Makes Bicycles To Help His Community

A young man in Maiduguri by the name of Umar yusuf makes bikes to support his community. Yusuf made bikes are doing good but he did not have enough equipment but he manages the little he has to do his work.


Umar Yusuf has shown the world that there are talented people in Northern Nigeria, where he has put together some colorful and good looking bikes. People are beginning to call on the government and the agencies responsible to help this young man achieve his goals. If the government supports Umar Yusuf and there likes, it will inspire his contemporaries to show their talents to the world.

Yusuf does not have enough equipment, but he uses his hands to make these bikes which, if available in large quantities, will help the country. these bikes will help Nigeria by creating jobs, and reducing money spend on importing bikes. 

The talented young man lives in Maiduguri, the capital of northeastern Nigeria's Borno State. It is not uncommon to hear about such talents young men. 

According to North East reporters, Yusuf have made many bikes in Maiduguri and that he is ready to make a lot more. Umar Yusuf works at a shop in gomburu-Ngala.

People have called on the government to help Yusuf achieve his goals

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