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Reasons Why South West Is Favoured Above South-East To Grab APC’s Presidential Ticket for 2023

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Now the coast is becoming clearer with regards to power rotation in favour of the south within the ruling All Progressive Congress. More of the party chieftains, especially from the north have now come to terms with the reality of the Southern Presidency in 2023.

However, another issue that is becoming clear is that the South East may have lost out in the battle for the ruling party's presidential ticket.

An APC chieftain Salihu Tanko Yakasai alluded to this in a recent Punch report when he stated that the overriding sentiment in the APC tends to favour the South West. The frontline candidates in the race are former Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Ekiti state Governor Kayode Fayemi.

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Ebonyi State Governor and other South-East politicians are now considered an underdog as a result of the zoning reality.

This article will analyse why the southeast lost out to the southwest in the battle for APC presidential ticket and its implication on the Igbos in APC

The south-east were latecomers to the party and don’t have the numbers to sway APC members

Until a couple of years ago, the South East region barely had a footprint in APC. The region was largely dominated by the Peoples Democratic Party. It was not until recently when defection to APC became the order of the day, that the ruling party began to have a strong presence in the South East.

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But the South-West had always been with APC from the very beginning. The region helped to lay the groundwork for the party and piloted it to success in the 2015 and 2019 elections. As a result, the South West is considered a bigger stakeholder in APC than South East. More so, the South West has far greater numbers and support in APC than South East. These are some of the factors that worked in favour of the South West and against the South East. 

South-East APC lacks strong politicians with national appeal

It is common knowledge that an election is a popularity contest. And according to Yakassai, the South-East APC does not have politicians with a national appeal that can rally the nation behind the party during elections. In essence, the region lacks heavyweight politicians in the party.

Photo Credit: BBC

The same cannot be said of the South West, because Bola Tinubu is one of the most well-known and influential politicians in Nigeria. His charm is as effective in the South West as it is in the North. This factor favoured the South West in the run-up to APC's presidential ticket.

The South West has contributed far more to the success of APC

From the time of conception, execution and up until the point APC won the presidential election, South West played a lead role in the party. The region gave more financially and intellectually towards the success of the APC. And as far as some stakeholders in APC are concerned, many of the top South East politicians now in APC are gate crashers. In essence, giving the ticket to South West is all about justice and a recognition of the region's sweat and investments in the party.

Is it fair for APC not to ignore the agitations of the South East for the presidency? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. While you are at it, also like and share the story so that others can comment too.

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