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Opinion: Miyetti Allah & Other Cattle Herders Must Obey The Law On Open Grazing In Ondo State

The government of Ondo State has placed a ban on open grazing in Ondo State. The law was signed on August 31st by Governor Akeredolu, this law is to put an end to the age-long crisis between herders and farmers in the State. He is not the only Governor that has signed the law, Five others have done that before him in Southern Nigeria.

Due to this law, any marauding cattle herder can be arrested by security operatives such as police and Amotekun. The clashes between the herders and farmers have caused the lives and properties of people across Southern Nigeria. Farmlands have been destroyed, and cattle have been rustled and killed by hoodlums. A reason why many Nigerians have supported the ban on open grazing across Nigeria. But is this possible?

To effect the law on ban of open grazing in Ondo State, the Ondo State Security Network Agency, also known as Amotekun, arrested 3 herdsmen and 40 cattle for allegedly destroying some farmlands in Owode community, Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State. According to Punch, it is not that the herders and the cattle were just arrested, but they committed crimes around Akure Airport. They were seen destroying farmlands. According to Amotekun, the herder even threatened the farmers.

Although the Federal Government has stated that it is resuscitating the 253 grazing reserves across Nigeria. The Southern part of Nigeria also have these grazing reserves, implementing the law to ban open grazing in Southern Nigeria might cause damage clashes between the two tiers of government. It is no doubt that open grazing is an old way of rearing cattle. The modern way of rearing cattle is now through ranching or fattening, a situation where cattle are kept in a controlled environment until they are matured. This way they produce healthy meat and high yield for the farmers.

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