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What happens to support from the federal government

The government of Nigeria have been trying its own best to ensure even access or to government opportunities. However, the distributed arms of this government is making situations worst.

The more the government is making efforts to help the populace, the more the people are making it hard for the government to achieve this. The government is responsible for the well-being of its people and also the standard of living of the people.

The federal government itself can not come or go to the remote villages to give to the people a share. A share of what it is giving to the people and therefore sends the state government. The state government will also send the local government.

But when the message gets to the state government, the head of the state will take its share. And leaving a little to the local government, the local government will now sit in the cities and towns then, share to the people who are in these cities and towns.

This will leave the villagers in great disadvantage; the villagers will not be reached and they will not get a cut from it. Therefore I am calling on the local government to make a provision for the local communities to get empowerment from it. This should be done without minding the channel of communication for if so, villages will continue underdeveloping while cities on the other hand will continue taking the share of the villages.

Thanks you for reading and do share your opinions.

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