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Opinion: Why the NINAS September 14th US rally is not in the interest of Nigeria

The UN General Assembly is set to commence any moment from now. Many world leaders are converging in the US to participate in the high-profile UN event that is going to feature things that would make the world a better and safer place for people.

The Nigerian president, Buhari, has left Abuja for the US. The reason may be for the great occasion, where the whole country's members will be sitting together for some days. The Nigerian indigenous nationalities alliance for self-determination, NINAS, is made up of people from the South, South, East, and South West of Nigeria, as well as people from the Middle Belt. They are demanding self-determination and abolition of the 1999 Constitution in Nigeria. The leadership of the group led by Banji Akintoye is not backing off from the proposed one million man rally, scheduled to commence on September 14th, 2021.

Since the declaration of the rally by NINAS, many have called for the suspension of the unpopular event, citing that the proposed rally will do more harm than good to Nigeria's image.

Coming to the UN headquarters where all the nations are gathering to begin a rally against Nigeria is not acceptable, because it's not only in Nigeria that people are having issues bordering on a bad economic meltdown, bad leadership, unemployment, etc. Therefore, the eminent Nigerians that are going places speaking against Nigeria can bring the desired change by contributing their own wisdom and knowledge to make Nigeria great. 

Now that the NINAS have ignored all counsel to suspend the unpopular event, it's not clear whether the UN will have any response to the group since they are not even making any official presentation to the UN general assembly. If other nations that are facing the same issue as Nigeria gather to do a rally at the UN headquarters, there would be no space for Akintoye and company to organize their so-called one million man rally.

What do you think about this proposed rally scheduled to commence on the 14th of September? Do you think that the rally would have a positive effect or an adverse effect on Nigeria's image? Like this work? Share it and comment below the box. Follow us for updates.



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