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Why, "Death Penalty Bill On Corruption" Would Be The Solution To Nigeria's Problem

Nigeria has so many problems which has directed us as a Nation into the state of Decay. 

As a professional I have clearly seen the one big permanent solution that is currently working for countries that were worst than Nigeria ,

And today, even in their future there is a physical evidence of National Development as a country.

This countries accommodate thousands of our National work force (YOUTHS IN DIASPORA) to add value to the world,  

 Simply Because some greedy Entity that Have always Deep their hands in the National Cookies jar(NATIONAL TREASURY) ,

Have caused a high degree of frustration in the lives of the people they Govern,

 Enduring Lack of Basic Amenities is now a way of life for an Average Youth. 

Still, We as a Nation can emulate the good side of the Developed Nations and put a stop to wastage in Resources and Human Capital. 

Nigeria will be great again if only A Bill like " DEATH PENALTY ON CORRUPTION" will be passed into Law Through the National Assembly.

Do this for us and Save the future of our Great Nation.

Content created and supplied by: EmmiGreat (via Opera News )

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