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The Real Losers As IPOB Threatens Anambra Gubernatorial election With One Week Sit-At-Home Order.

There is information making rounds, that the IPOB are planning on declaring a one week sit-at-home in Anambra state, ahead of the November 6 governorship election in the state.


Given that their leader, Nnamdi Kanu will be going back to court on the 10th, having had his court case adjourned, they are talking of having a sit-at-home from 5th, till he goes to court on the 10th.

This fresh order is not only unnecessary, but irrational.

This new order has gotten the INEC resident electoral commissioner for Anambra state, Dr. Nkwachukwu Orji worried. The commissioner pointed out that the order could threaten their preparation for the election. How do you recruit thousands of adhoc staff for an election in which their safety is not even guaranteed?. Who will dare to come out to vote?.

Map of Nigeria Anambra state (

Having informed you, let us briefly look at the real losers, if this order stands.

By stopping the election, the IPOB thinks it is forcing the hand of government to fast track the actualisation of Biafra and release of their leader, but they are so wrong. The government may lose money spent on preparation, but the real losers, are the people the IPOB claim to fight for, the Anambra people.

Nnamdi Kanu (bbcnews pidgin)

The people of Anambra, who will be disenfranchised by their act, will now have no choice over who leads them.

IPOB are now seeking anarchy by this new order. Kanu has appeared in court and the judicial system is doing its work. They should let the system work, while they observe.

They, the IPOB, are not a government, at least not yet. Anambra is still in Nigeria and subject to Nigerian laws. If they end up ruining the election, Anambra can not be left to the care of the IPOB. They gain nothing from this.

Kanu and Ejiofor his lawyer in court (bbcnews pidgin)

If Obiano's tenure elapses and no election to elect a successor, Obiano can not continue, and yes, someone must be on that seat. Perhaps, they could invoke the dreaded state of emergency.

The Anambra people will suffer it the most either way.

The IPOB are therefore advised to act within judicious permit. If they continue on this part, they are likely going to turn Anambra to what other states dread. A state unfit for living.

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