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5 Things Electorates In Nigeria Should Consider To Avoid Conspiracy

Although one has the right to support, follow, and vote for the candidate of his or her choice, one does not have the right to pronounce the results of any election illegal merely because his or her preferred candidate did not win! Over the course of a lifetime, I have witnessed many instances in which the person I supported was defeated, and while I was frequently sad and believed that voters made the wrong decision, I recognized and accepted the outcome. Yes, it is possible for mistakes to be made during the voting process and ballot counting. Nevertheless, every candidate has the right to request a recount, particularly in the case of a close election. Our laws include built-in mechanisms for dealing with these potentially dangerous scenarios. However, once all options have been tried and both recounts and legal challenges have failed to alter the outcome, we must move forward! It is incorrect and detrimental to the perceptions of Americans of a fair voting system, to use unsubstantiated conspiracy theories in excess, and to assert that they are facts (despite the lack of supporting evidence). This essay will make an attempt to briefly evaluate, investigate, assess, and explain five major concerns, all while keeping the reader's attention.

1. Claims that are false: The number of people making false claims regarding the results of an election has never been higher than it was in the aftermath of the 2019 Presidential election in Nigeria! Regardless of one's political preferences, everyone should agree that the events that occurred in 2019 were a clear and present danger to the Nigerian system of government and society as a whole. A detrimental impact on our nation is caused by making any claim without evidence and refusing to accept several re-calculations that reveal your statements lack credibility.

2. Keeping the Big Lie Alive: If you favour or oppose Atiku, adopting the Big Lie that the election was snatched away from him despite his winning the popular vote by a million votes is detrimental to the possibility of free and fair elections in the future.

3. Registration of Voters: If you believe that restricting voting is beneficial to your cause, you are in opposition to the fundamental notion of the right to vote! As a result of the 2019 general elections, and Atiku supporters' dissatisfaction with the outcome, we have witnessed Nigerian legislators attempt or strive to pass legislation that will make voting more difficult for their constituents. As far as it appears, these efforts are centred on restricting/limiting the ability to vote by groups that are most likely to support their political opponents. Doesn't this appear to be an attempt to reduce a desirable constitutional guarantee/right to vote?

4. Equal access to polling units, among other things: Those states where the INEC has reduced the number of polling units and, significantly, reduced convenient access in certain minority areas do not appear to be making a logical decision to protect the integrity of the process; rather, they appear to be making a politically motivated decision to protect the integrity of the process.

5.Is it one-sided or equally fair to all? : It appears to be in direct opposition to the Nigerian Way unless/until any adjustments are prioritized as being fair-to-all, rather than being one-sided!

Nigerians, stand up and demand that these attempts be blocked before they become the law of the land! Don't point the finger at others when you don't stand up for what's right!

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