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Breaking: Nigerian Senate Begins Move To Scrap Age Limit For Job Seekers.

Age limit is popular tradition amongst Employers in Nigeria during the hunt for employment as a Job seeker. Earlier today, the Nigerian Senate has asked the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to issue directives to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity to set up a Committee to review the age limit for job seekers in the country in order to allow competent applicants to be employed by the ministries, departments, and agencies of government.

The resolution followed the consideration of a motion by Senator Ibrahim Gobir.

The Senator quoted order 42 and 52 of the Senate Standing Rules, and noted that recruitment requirements of Ministries, Departments & Agencies of Government and other private parastatals which set age barriers, “inadvertently excludes and marginalises skillful and competent prospective applicants from participating in such exercises”.

He further stated that as a result of the high unemployment rate in the present day Nigeria, countless number of graduates spend minimum of ten years hunting for employment and this has positioned them in a very disadvantaged place in life which was never their own fault.

Also, lot of individuals end up falsifying their age due to frustration just in a bid to fall within the required age bracket for them to be gainfully employed.

In this unfortunate situation, where a job seeker believes he is unemployable, can trigger them to indulging in criminal activities which would unarguably increase the high rate of crime and insecurity in the country.”

In furtherance, Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah called the attention of the Nigeria Senate to the embargo placed on employment for thirteen years ago by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Bala disclosed that the embargo period must be considered into the review of age limit by the Ministry of Labour and Productivity for prospective job seekers in the country.

Finally, Senator Bala stated that , “he thinks the motion is apt and timely. He advised that the major basis for the Upper Chamber to continue with that request depends on the fact that, we as an institution, it is prerogative for us to be cognizant that the federal government single-handedly placed embargo on employment for over thirteen years now.

What is your opinion, Do you see the Nigerian Senate and the Presidency assenting the bill into law?

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