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President Biden Shares Lovely Pictures With His Dogs At The Oval Office

American president are always known to be lovers of pets.

In the history of the United States of America President in the last 100 years, only former President Trump fails to keep pet in the White House.

Traditionally, Americans love pets such as dog and cat, and they always love to see it around in the white house.

Former president Gorge Bush keep pet while he was serving as the president, same with Obama except the break in pet rearing at the white house during President Trump.

Biden once said during his campaign that a vote for him also means a vote for bringing pets back to the White House.

Shortly after his Inauguration his dogs joined him in the white house and they were said to have feel comfortable running at the south lawn.

In one of the president speeches at the oval office, dog barking was heard at the background.

Well it's cool to raise pets and keep it.

Hillary Clinton said recently that never vote for someone you can't keep your dog with, talking in a way about president trump who doesn't keep pet throughout his stays at the white house.

It was a lovely atmosphere to see the president and his dog sharing a beautiful moments at the oval office.

American people have reacted towards the picture saying the two lovely dogs sitting around their papa..

See the screenshot to see many more comments.

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