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People Protest After Kano State Govt Demolished Sabon Gari Shops

On saturday night Kano State Government under Karota Marshal managed by Babba Dan Agundi, demolished so many shops that located near Sabon Gari Road.

Kano State Government under Governor Rabiu Umar Ganduje said: it has something important to do at the demolished place, but still didn't reveal it public.

Before demolition take place, resident shops owners of that place went to many radio stations and pleed to Government to not demolish their today-and-tomorrow food finding place.

Some of them said: they have been marketing at that place since 2000, all their properties are kept there, they have no where to go because almost everywhere in the city is almost full.

But unfortunately on saturday night after those shop owners closed their shops and went home Kano State Karota Marshal demolished their business center.

See pictures of what happened on saturday night below:


See pictures of what residents of the place witnessed on sunday morning:

While in early morning of monday (today) peoples come out then follow streets and protest, just to let Government know that felt so sad about what Karota Marshal done to them which was assigned by Kano State Government itself.

See photos of morday morning protest below:

Till now the protest is going on, Sabon Gari peoples are calling Kano State Government to give them alternative place to build their new shops and continue their businesses.


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