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2 Ways APC Can Counter Senator Abaribe's Opinion And Win The Trust Of The Southeast

The 2023 general election is perhaps, the most talked-about election in the history of the country due to the diverse interests and calls for the presidency to rotate to a different zone other than the North as the region's candidate, President Buhari would be ending his 8-year-tenure in 2023.

The loudest of this agitation has come from the southeast, a region that has not produced any president since the return to democracy in 1999.

Recently, Senator Abaribe, an outspoken senator from the south-east had noted that the ruling APC does not have it in mind to zone the presidency to the south-east.

The senator went ahead to allege that the APC does not have the structure to function properly and also, cannot manage the country properly. He also added that the only party that can rescue Nigerian and also, allow Ndigbo to produce the president is the opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party.

Abaribe's allegation may go ahead to put the party in a bad light and may also, affect the party's chances in further elections in the region. In other to make the southeast open up its arms to the APC, the party should endeavor to follow through with these 3 suggestions.

1, The much talked about the issue of zoning should be deliberated upon and put to rest once and for all. The region that should get the nod should, of course, be the southeast.

The southeast has been agitating for a long time to get a shot at the presidency and this is one of the ways the Buhari administration and the APC in general, can show the region that they can be involved in nation-building.

2, The southeast is currently in a state of turmoil and the FG should get involved by sending a high-powered delegation to dialogue with the different warring parties.

Although the setting up of the the military operation codenamed 'Exercise Golden Dawn' is highly recommended and applauded, care should be taken so that the situation is not aggravated as it happened in Imo state some months ago.

The cries of the southeast region for a long time have been centered on marginalization and once this issue is resolved by offering an all-inclusive governance model to the region, the APC can win back the region even as the nation is preparing for the 2023 general elections.

Content created and supplied by: MirabelJackson (via Opera News )

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