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Reasons Southerner That Will Be President in 2023 Might Be Nominated By Northerners

With the current permutations in both the All Progressives Congress party (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), there is a sign that they will both zone their Presidential ticket to the South, although the position of Vice President and other executives in both parties might go to the North. It is a fact that the Southerner that will be President in 2023 will be nominated by the Northerner's same way Southerners nominated Buhari in Lagos in 2014. Below are cogent reasons the Southerner will be nominated by Northerners.

1. The population of voters in the North.

No matter how popular the Southern Presidential candidate that is nominated by any of the political parties in Nigeria is, he/she needs the vote of the North. Therefore he will require their understanding, which will lead to negotiations for positions, slots, and 2027 Presidency. The North will surely be after the positions they will occupy in the Government before they will support any candidate to become the President of Nigeria.

2. Both APC and PDP have more Northerners that are qualified for the post.

Nobody will argue that in the APC and PDP, there are more qualified Northerners that can become the president of Nigeria. Therefore it is only through negotiations that they will want to drop their ambitions for a Southerner. By doing this they will need a Southerner that will protect their interests and therefore lead to the nomination of a candidate.

3. The equality permutations.

At present, the number of years that have been used by Southerners as president is 4 years more than that of the northerners, if President Muhammadu Buhari completes his tenure in office. Northerners will be looking for a candidate that will only spend four years of single tenure in office and relinquish the post to the North so that it will spend eight years in office and equate the terms after 2027.

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