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Photos of Esther Ajayi with Obasanjo, Atiku, Amaechi and other politicians

As a politician, spiritual insight is needed because the job of the nation is bigger than what anyone can do alone. That is why people at the helm of authority have ministers, commissioners, advisors and so much more, they also get spiritual help when they can.

Esther Ajayi is the founder of Love of Christ Generation Church which is a white garment church, she is called Iya Aladura, she is very influential and is known for are philanthropic works, she has been seen with top politicians, pastors and Kings, this is to show how influential she is.

White Garment churches are basically known for praises and prayer, and that is why they are called 'Aladura'. Aladura is a Yoruba word for prayer warriors, so, anyone who is seen in a white garment church is definitely there for prayers including politicians.

Politicians need prayers during campaigns, they need prayers for election victory, they need prayers after the victory, try need prayers when running the government and always because the bible says "pray without ceasing". As a prayer warrior, this is why Esther Ajayi may be visited and welcomed by politicians.

Obasanjo has always had a very good relationship with the white garment church and has been seen with Esther Ajayi regularly. When Atiku who is a Muslim, Osinbajo who is a pentecostal pastor and Sanwo Olu can visit her, it is a beautiful sight and it shows unity. Prayer is very key in their political journey.

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