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Ahead of 2023 Election: 3 Things Nigerians Must Consider before Voting

An election is an opportunity to select from a number of candidates who will lead a state or nation for a specific number of years (usually 4 years in Nigeria). It is also an opportunity for political office holders and political parties to test their popularity through the ballot. While some would retain political power, others would crash out as the will of the majority of the people must prevail.

Nigeria’s next general election will take place in the year 2023, thus, it is very important that every qualified Nigerian voter and influencer consider the following before making a choice of which political party to vote for:

(1) The Candidate Himself: It is very important that whosoever would emerge as the right man for the job must have a track record of exemplary leadership. Nigerians should ensure that whosoever becomes the leader is knowledgeable, charismatic, humble, empathetic, God-fearing, and motivating.

(2) The Political Party: In elections, the political party of individuals matters a lot. A candidate may have all the good intentions to better the lives of everyone in the country but if the structure of the party is antithetical with his/her personality, no progress would be achieved. Therefore, every political party should be well scrutinized before voting.

(3) The Manifesto: Manifesto is all about the plans and programmes a prospective leader or political party aims to achieve when sworn in as a leader. Nigerians must be careful of over-bloated manifestoes which look too good to be true. Historical antecedents have taught that candidates with over-bloated promises usually renege on their promises with flimsy excuses like blaming past administration for its failures and so on. Therefore Nigerians must be wary of candidates and political parties with such tendencies. Also, candidates without a good manifesto might end up without a clear direction when elected, hence, it is very important to take this very seriously.

It is high time Nigerians learn from her past mistakes; shun money politics, say no to ethnicity in politics, embark on a personal investigation of political parties and candidates before voting, and vote wisely.

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