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Opinion: 2 Solid Reasons Tinubu Must Fear Yahaya Bello In APC

As the struggle for the ticket of the All Progresives Congress starts, Bola Tinubu must not think that he would get the ticket on a platter of gold. He had better brace up for a very close challenge even from assumingly unpopular politicians like Yahaya Bello.

The Kogi State governor has taken the bull by its horn and sent a message that the race would be for the bold ones. Though he can be considered young, Bello may go on to stun everyone including Tinubu himself. 

To show that he meant the business, Yahaya Bello has started his own campaign as his billboards are seen in some south-south cities. He doesn't think he can be intimidated by anyone. He has also commenced to place adverts of his campaign on major dailies. 

Tinubu has to fear Yahaya Bello to some extent. The governor has a very smooth relationship with Buhari, the incumbent president. And that same president signed a bill into law which paved the way for youths to lead the country. Remember not too young to rule? Good. 

After he had signed it into law, Buhari urged Nigerian youths to allow him to complete his own second term before they could contest. Actually, he made the statement like a joke. But he knows that for several years now old ones have been ruling the country and nothing much has been achieved. 

Buhari may decide to back Yahaya Bello, at least to let Nigerians know that he really wants a youth to take over as the Nigerian president in 2023. It is a possibility that Bola Tinubu shouldn't overlook or else he will be massively shocked. 

Secondly, Yahaya Bello is a sitting governor. He is highly relevant in the politics of the country. As a governor on the platform of the APC, he has cordial affairs with his colleagues in the same party. 

Let's cite an example. It was Bello, who conducted the primary election that was won by Rotimi Akeredolu. The youngest governor, Bello, was open, transparent and accountable in his handling of the APC primary election. 

Mr. Bello may win the hearts of the APC governors with ease because they will see him as really approachable and he will always be ready to listen to them. If he forms a great alliance with the other governors, he may emerge. 

If the APC governors teem up with Bello, Tinubu should simply forget his ambition once and for all.

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