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Is Mexico more developed than China for always having a higher GDP per capita (nominal) until 2019?

Is Mexico more developed than China for always having a higher GDP per capita (nominal) until 2019? Why do many people view Mexico as a poor country?

Because Mexico does not develop nearly as fast as China, and also because Mexico is cheap so it’s flaws are in plain sight in form of exported crime and illegal immigrants - Westerners just don’t see the utter trash happening in China’s inland provinces as they are the most hidden from view of outsiders, while Mexico’s poorest, most rundown places are right at the U.S. border in the North… And Mexico is not a dictatorship, so poor people can try to do something about their poverty which makes them more visible (sometimes in a criminal way), while in China Commies has ample means to force them to shut up, stay put and suffer.

In 2020, the Chinese GDP (PPP) per capita was 20,984 PPP dollars. This is in comparison to Mexico’s 21,363 PPP dollars. As you can see, although many people view GDP per capita figures as being rigged for their lack of ability to take into account the cost of living, PPP figures do. And, as the figures suggest, Mexico still has a higher GDP per capita than China. I think that when we are trying to assess whether a country is poor or not, we should not really be looking at the average level of GDP per capita or household income, but also take into consideration inequalities levels within the countries itself. For many years, china has been portrayed as being prosperous etc. because all the pictures on the news that we would see often come from large cities, where the standard of living is certainly higher than most other cities in the world. This is in comparison to Mexico’s Mexico City. Yet when you take a look at the rural villages located in china’s western area, you start to notice the difference.

If per capita are a measure of success and importance, Qatar, Liechenstein and Macau are world champions, all exceeding usd100000. They only reflect a small population. By now, economists realised that gdp on ppp basis is a better measure of influence and importance of an economy, and here China is world no 1 at usd 28trillion.

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