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Is it bad to be an anti-Zionist?

Is it bad to be an anti-Zionist?

Depends, Jews I know reject Zionism (and other Jews supported Zionism). Rabbis back around the 1900’s rejected Zionism as a rejection of God and the Tanakh. Some still do. Zionists consider being anti-Zionism to be anti-Semitic as a rule.

Netanyahu during the Hepdo incident, basically stated that a Jew's first duty was to Israel and they should leave France (and Europe). So it depends on where you want to stand (in my opinion morally).

Alternatively, it's a No; If you’re not racist, it either means you’re an Orthodox Jew or simply against the establishment of the state for whatever reason (yet I don’t know why you would be, anti-expansionism might be a better term). Zionists will probably call you anti-semitic though so I wouldn’t recommend telling people you are.

If you are going to promote it then you better understand what it is.

Following the “Zionism = Racism” and “Israel = apartheid” fallacies will only bring you scorn and ridicule.

Anti-Zionism is denying people their basic human right to self-determination, based purely on their ethnicity. Is it bad to be a racist?

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