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[Opinion] 2023: The North Is The Political Bride That Must Be Courted With Absolute Respect

This needless and unfortunate political imbroglio morphs as a result of lack of political sagacity and sophistication of the southern political leaders. They unwittingly use the compelling word, 'must' in their communique for the zoning of Presidential position from the North to the South. We should not look at this issue in isolation.

First and foremost, the southern governors have unanimously decided to ban open grazing in their states. Two, they openly and collectively agreed that VAT should be collected by individual states as against the Constitutional provision. These incidents have sent a negative signal to the northern electorates.

Power rotation is a noble and illuminating idea that can foster truth, oneness, unity and equity. As noble and idyllic as this concept is, it is practically feasible only when it is engaged based on mutual respect for one another. The north as a region has demonstrated openly that they are capable of electing good candidates from other regions.

Abiola won all the northern states declared by Nwosu. He even won his election in Kano against one of its citizens; Bashir Tofa. It is politically immature to assert that power must rotates to the south without demonstrating why the shift is necessary. The southern candidates must canvas for support of northern masses by using their political muscles and network.

The north is the bride that must be courted with absolute respect, rather than subtle and needless threat. Tinubu, Osinbajo and Amaechi are sellable candidates in the north. They can be accepted by most northerners by virtue of their track records. To me, the southern governors are working for the interest of the north, by making these candidates unsellable. Let's tread with caution as the political gladiators do not know tribe, religion and region, but their self vested interest.

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