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In Order For APC To Win The Election, I Stayed In PDP And Worked To Push Down PDP-Alhaji Ardo Speaks

Umar Ardo, a former ally of President Muhammadu Buhari and a Social Democratic Party candidate for governor of Adamawa State, described his falling out with the outgoing leader. He claimed that in 2015, he helped President Buhari win, but that the president then turned his back on him.

In an interview with Tribune Newspaper, Mr. Ardo made the allegations while discussing his challenges and the crucial role he played in forging an alliance between the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC).

"My idea was not just how to get Buhari in, but also how to run the government in a form of an adviser to see that things are resolved," the irate politician remarked. But he stopped seeing me the day Buhari was elected president.

Alhaji Ardo went on to criticize President Buhari's performance, saying that he should have done a better job of handling the insecurity problem in the Northeast.

"APC took on a life of its own following the strategic thinking I provided for its formation." While I was doing all of this, I remained in PDP and made certain that PDP was pushed down in order for APC to win.

"I even went to the Supreme Court in my suit challenging Jonathan's eligibility to contest." The case was dismissed by the Supreme Court in November 2014.

"So, what happened after I did all of this?" Buhari betrayed me. I didn't do it to get something from him; my first concern was to figure out how to get things going in the country.

Dear esteemed readers what is your take on this?

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