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[Opinion] Slapping Government Official And Need For Anti-Buhari Protesters To Be Put In Check

In the evening of the blessed day of yesterday, Saturday, a video clip published by Sahara Reporters sparked controversy and sparked heated debate among Nigerians following the sighting of some Anti-Buhari's government protesters in the United State harassing and slapping a top government official for approaching their campaign groups and saying, "I'm for One Nigeria."

One of the agitators then told the government official, “Mention three streets in the North. Get out. If you are for one Nigeria, go home. Go home! Go home! Go back to Nigeria and dress like this and let them see you. I just came back from Nigeria. Look at you, go, and sit down.”

(President Buhari at UN General Assembly. Photo credit: Facebook.)

According to the newspaper, the unnamed man was one of the accomplices who accompanied President Buhari to New York last week while attending the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

This is indeed uncalled for and a tragedy because the actions of the protesters could tarnish the image of this blessed nation in the eyes of the international community. Furthermore, their actions are clearly illegal and the US government should take strong action against them for abusing the human right to speech and expression. The main reason for saying this is that the constitution gives everyone freedom of speech without crossing the boundary. However, just as they are not restricted from organizing protests, they should not be denied any opportunity of demonstration to others.

In my opinion, it would be better for the protesters to refrain from such a heinous act as long as they need the support of the international community for their calls, and they should also refrain from doing so again in the future to avoid facing the wrath of the security forces. the United States.

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