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Meet the only Jewish man in Afghanistan (Zabloon Simintov)

Zabloon Simintov is believed to be the only Jewish man in the whole of Afghanistan, after the Jewish people left the country during a civil war that ensued. This man remained and refused leaving, he lives in the synagogue and still practice his Judaic religion till date.

Zabloon Simintov was born in 1959 and grew up in Herat before moving too Kabul.

He is an Afghan carpet trader and restaurateur, until his business was destroyed during the bloody civil war which made almost all Jewish people leave the country.

He still receive support from other Jewish people outside and from some Muslims who look at him with pity, but when asked to return home, he insisted on staying. He still remains the only care taker of the only synagogue in Kabul.

I see no reason why a man who still have a couple of years to go choose to live in such isolation for the rest of his life, knowwing the fact that he has a family in the other side.

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