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IPOB And Igboho Are Criminals - Adamu Garba

Former Presidential candidate and senator of the People Democratic Party, Adamu Garba in his tweet this afternoon called Sunday Igboho and IPOB criminals.

In his tweet he said ”As country, as a people, we have talk to ourselves freely, openly and discreetly, the level of hypocrisy in all region is becoming a symbol of affinity, very dangerous!

 Same way BH started is the same path IPOB & Igboho are following. All shouldn’t be encouraged.

They are criminals"

See his tweet below;

See Replies;

Adamu Garba is one of the controversial social media influencers in Nigeria. His view on politics is always different.

Personally, before comparing Igboho to Boko Haram, Adamu should have stated how many innocent lives have Igboho taken, how many schools have he burnt down, how many students has he kidnapped, how many people has he displaced from their communities, what kind of weapons does Igboho carries etc.

If killer Fulani herdsmen were living peacefully in the South-West region, we would have not known who Igboho is by now. So far, Igboho have not killed any killer Fulani herder talk more of innocent herder.

Adamu Garba should be sensitive with his criticism; there is a clear difference between asking for liberty and terrorism, it’s not hard to differentiate.

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