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IPOB Bans Consumption Of Cow In SE: Why It Doesn't Make Sense For Outlawed Group To Dictate To Citizens

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are in the news again, this time around they have trespass their boundaries, they are making laws for the land. They want to control what people are eating, where is the freedom if people can't even eat what they like in a community? IPOB has been outlawed by the government, it is these types of draconian laws and activities that made the government proscribed them as terrorists.

Photo of cows for illustration

According to a report by Tribune, the proscribed group banned the rearing and consumption of cows in the whole of the South-East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. The ban will take effect in Six (6) months. Why would some people be looking for trouble? There are millions of people that love to eat beef from cattle in the zone, will they start attacking people eating cows in the zone the same way they have been attacking others?

This draconian law will surely trample on the rights of people. In their usual thoughtlessness, they didn't state if the ban affects Igbo. Anyway, they don't need to be specific. They can always deny the whole decree like they have been denying attacks on lives and properties. But strangely they said this decree would take effect in 6 months. Some people in the IPOB want to use Fulani cows to celebrate 2021 Christmas and 2022 Easter before starting the beef fast. Perhaps somebody big in the IPOB has a big funeral coming soon

They don't just legislate on political issues like flags and sit at homes. They decide what people eat and drink. But One would have thought that the IPOB would have looked into poverty and raised funds for Igbo farmers to start cattle husbandry. But IPOB exists to issue decrees not to alleviate poverty, to destroy, and not to create.

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