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5 Nigerian Presidents And Heads Of State That Can Never Be Forgotten In History


In every gathering of human beings, there is a need for a leader. Main decision making is carried out by this fellow or a group of individuals who are accepted, elected or put there by their lineage’s leadership attributes after accessing the issues on ground. In Nigeria, the highest leadership rank is the President and within the years many had led the country. No matter what, human beings are meant to have more features than the other. Performances of different presidents earn many the honours to be classified among Nigeria’s best president, although no president came without a positive impact. The list of Nigerian’s best president according to the writer’s opinion and researches goes below.


General Abubakar Abdulsalam is Nigeria’s 11th leader and was the 8th military head of state. His administration was appreciated through his numerous contributions. It was during his time that the Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) was created. Before he was appointed the Head, he was reluctant to step into Sanni Abacha’s shoes of military ruling and he pave way for civilian ruling in Nigeria to stop problems caused to people with military ruling.  


Born on August 16, 1951, late former president Yar’adua, Umaru Musa was elected president in the year 2007 and he brought up the 7 agenda for the development of Nigeria. He worked towards his plans until he died of Kidney problem. The citizens were said to have enjoyed his administration with no criticisms. An average Nigerian will most probably call him the best presiden


The present president of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari is known for his fight against corruption. Many corrupt practices have been dissolved and the theme “Change begins with me” was his virtue word. He brought N-power and within the years of the commencement, up to one million unemployed youths has been given means to fill up the state of unemployment. Agricultural production has been improved up to its peak. There are bans over many imported goods and Nigerians have been made to produce these things themselves. Although his administration has not ended, he could be named the best if he continues to do more.


Being Nigerian first civilian President and the longest serving leader (combined 11 years), former president Obasanjo Olusegun displayed a great prowess in ruling Nigeria. He was known for his frequent criticisms of military and alleged complicity in a failed coup de’ tat, meant to remove autocratic leader, Sanni Abacha. Even during his time as the civilian president, Nigeria got back on track after some setback encountered in the military regime.


With Ebele as his middle, he got to office after Late. Yar'adua Umaru Musa died which he later contested again and won. He was after a more peaceful Nigeria and rural area empowerment. He didn't restrict his works to only famous places, he extended to every part that matters. The first lady wasn't left out in the contribution. She made various groups to help less privileged women and children. Truly, his administration has a good record.

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