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Latest News In Nigeria This Evening, 18th Of October 2020.

 Latest News In Nigeria This Evening, 18th Of October 2020.

1. ENDSARS: Methodist prelate appeals to Protester to stop protesting. 

The Prelate of Methodist Church of Nigeria, known as Dr. Samuel Uche has beg all the protester across the country to stop protesting that the federal government, has been making effort to meet their demand.

Dr. Samuel Uche also say in his statement that those protesting are children and they don’t have job that the federal government, should provide jobs for the youth.

2. President and the NASS leadership have meeting on a quick solution to meet ENDSARS Demand.  

President Muhammadu Buhari had met the leadership of the National Assembly and the House of Representatives, in order to find a solution to the demand of the ongoing protest in the country. Nigerian only what action not statement or promise again, that is why must people are still protesting despite the facts that they had promise they will take action.

After the meeting, the speaker of the House of Representatives, beg the youth to stop protesting that they are working very hard to meet the demand of the protesters across the country. 

3. North Was SARS, The Country need restructuring.

A renowned constitutional Lawyer and human right activities has called for Restructuring in the country, because of the different opinion of some prominent Leader in the country about the scraped unit of the police force, Mike Ozekhome said because the North states want the SARS and want, they to reform the SARS while the south of the country want the SARS to End.

Many people in the north has raised alarm that the Scrap of the Unit, will be treating the security of the Country while those in the south does not mind, even some of their governor still joined the protest.

He said the country need Restructuring in the sense, that each region will decided want they what for their selves, he said if the North Want the SARS and the Whole South-West, South-East and South south does not want.

He said that the south west has start Amotekun, it said each geo political zone can also start their own and the country should operate like the United States Of America, where every states does its own in their own way.

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