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Our Rights As Members Of The Society And Why We Should Know Our Rights

First of all what are Human Rights. Human Rights can be defined as a global principal which refers to right, freedom that all human beings are entitled to enjoy as a person irrespective of your country of birth or resident. They are fundamental and are not awarded by human power and cannot be surrendered.

Some of theses fundamental human rights of citizens are as follows:

1. Right time life and protection of property

2. Right to education (Not necessarily formal education) but the one that makes the individual to survive and be useful in the community he/she is born into

3. Right to shelter

4. Right to association and movement

5. Right to speech

6. Freedom from all kinds of discrimination in terms of gender, religion, age, ethnicity

7. Political right for example right to participate in public affairs especially room determine who Governs them and to be voted for in democracy

To sum it all up we are all humans and violence is never the answer we all should know our rights as humans and stop the violence and downgrading of people

Why we should know our rights

The main reason we all should know our rights is so that we won't be downgraded and deceived, Another reason why it is important to know our rights is so that we will be able to defend ourselves.

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Human Rights


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