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Opinion: The Nigerian Army Should Investigate Where ESN Get Their Dangerous Arms (Photos)

Here is an inquiry that we as a whole should look for a response to. The Eastern Security Network framed by the head of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, works with complex weapons, how would they get such arms since the public authority isn't on the side of their foundation? 

We realize that no one can dispatch arms into the nation besides under the order and authorization of the central government. In any case, some hooligans realize how to sneak complex weapons into the country without the possibility of public authority. On the off chance that the security organizations can have the option to distinguish these individuals and make a capture, a banned gathering, for example, the Eastern Security Network won't exist. 

For certain occasions now, the ESN has supposedly dispatched unmerited assaults on the men of the Nigerian police and armed force, police as a team with the military has, nonetheless, attempted to capture them in other to stop their activities however it has not yielded numerous positive outcomes because the ESN opposes them by retaliating with their weapons. 

In this way, what I'm saying, generally, is that the Nigerian Army ought to pause for a moment and do a legitimate examination to find out how these individuals get their weapons, it will be the most effortless approach to extinguish their activities. If the ESN, Boko Haram, and different gatherings can not get weapons they will surrender and end their activities.

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