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Why America hasn't stopped Iranian oil tankers from reaching Venezuela

Because there is a phrase that perfectly describes that action. That phrase is “act of war.”

The United States has been using its economic power to dissuade other nations from trading with Venezuela. This is perfectly legal in international relations. However putting a naval blockade into place to prevent goods and services from entering another country is an act of war. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. Navy put into place what was called a “quarantine” meaning that they reserved the right to stop ships that they felt were carrying ballistic missiles and search them, and if the missiles were found to prevent them from continuing into Cuba. All other goods were allowed.

Before you point to Israel and Gaza, that is also a quarantine. All cargoes must be searched for weapons before being shipped by truck to Gaza.

Because the US knows that Iran would retaliate by stopping American tankers in the Persian Gulf, and that they wouldn’t let go until they do too. If the US would attempt to free their tankers, and there would be a clash, it would mean war, which it cannot win. Iran and Venezuela will continue doing this, under the watchful American eye, who can’t do a thing about it, and they will not use the US dollar, but their own currency, another blow to American hegemony.

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