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Opinion: Two reasons why worsening insecurity in the South West may be about 2023 presidency

Lately, there has been an increase in the rate of violence and insecurity in the South West of Nigeria. Sadly, these incidences are stoking ethnic tensions because they take ethnic dimensions. There are even talks of a possible civil war, if care is not taken.

I have a feeling, although it's just my opinion, that the upheaval and orgy of violence and ethnic tension in the region may not entirely be unconnected to 2023 presidency. As, without doubt, the battle for who occupies Ask Rock, come 2023 has begun in ernest.

Anyway, all is not well in the South West. The tension is largely seen as a reaction to the murderous activities of alleged herders in Nigeria. But I have reasons to believe that it may be beyond that. I believe it may have a correlation to who, or which region produces the next President of Nigeria. Here are at least three reasons.

First Reason

The activities of murderous herdsmen is not something new in the South West, or any other part of the country. It is a menace that troubles all parts of the country, including the South East and South South. The big question is.why is it in the South West that it will degenerate to what it is now?

In my opinion, the South West is the most tolerant zone in Nigeria. There must be an interpretation for why the South West is turning into a battle ground. Why is the tension hiegtning over there? For me, I simply advice my brothers from the region to thread carefully. It may not be unconnected to politics.

Second reason

I believe it may not be a concidence that these tensions are happening in the zone that has the most foward-looking and strongest candidate so far in the Presidential race, in my opinion. The South West has the most active canversers for the presidential slot. And, as far as I am concerned, they have the brightest chance of producing the next President of Nigeria. I therefore feel that these heightening tensions may not be unconnected to 2023 politics.

Third reason:

One of the clearest reason for my opinion is a post made allegedly by an aide to Kano State governor. In the said post, the politician is said to have threatened that the north will retaliate Shasha violence in 2023 theough the ballot. See post below:

I am not sure I completely understand what he means in the post. But the fact that he is connecting the violence to far away 2023 presidential vote is sad. It is suspicious and unsound. For me, this raises a red flag about the foundations and instigators of the tensions. I thefore advice all Nigerians and more importantly the South West people to be vigilant and refuse to be manipulated or used.

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