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"Any Southern Kaduna Indigene Decamping to APC is an Ingrate and Coward", Yakubu Lere Insists

[Yakubu Lere] a media aide to former and late governor Dabo Lere has reacted bitterly to the heated discussions going round in the Kaduna state chapter of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) whereas thousands continues to decamp to the All Progrsssive Congress (APC) and gradually building a huge base in the PDP dominated region of the southern Kaduna.

According to Yakubu Lere, "I have been in active politics since 1991 when I became the press officer of Dabo Lere Campaign. The strength of southern Kaduna in terms of political position lies on their block voting and such pattern is being practiced world over. In America, one can easily identify Democrats or Republican strong holds. Back in Nigeria, the South west always votes on block that is why they are most beneficiaries of democracy in Nigeria. In the north Zamfara, Yobe, Borno never vote PDP."

"Southern Kaduna have nothing to regret for sticking to PDP because the zone had been treated fairly to the extend of its son was elected governor. Politics is all about interest so the decampee can simply be described as a traitor whose reason of his action is only personal gain not the interest of the zone. To me anybody supporting APC in Nigeria in general or kaduna state in particular is wicked and selfish with no logical reasoning. Any southern kaduna indigene decamping to APC is an ingrate and coward who cannot differentiate between good and evil." He added;

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