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How most Nigerians will correct the country in three sections

1. Most Citizens selfish and laziness

Most citizens are trained not to suffer in order to get something important to them. For example in a college, when parents want to send their children for study in a medical or engineering college, the child will only see his admission offer, the parents will do the work for him, like wise opening a bank account, findings jobs and so many...

During many process the guardians and the college professors will not consider anyone else. The guardians will consider their children only, not others, and the college professors will consider important people's children not who are deserved.

This is where it begins, people want good only for themselves no for others. To correct this country change will start from us.

a. Unity

Citizens must unite themselves to develop a country.

b. Love and trust

Showing love and trust to each other.

c. Avoiding cheats and terrorism

Yahoo boys and bandits should be stopped, and new Nigeria will begin.

d. Good for all and to all

Leaders and all citizens should practice good for all and to all.

e. Hardworking.

Citizens should try hard to fights evils and establish good

f. Avoid selfish

Let everyone enjoys everyone

2. Poor and incompetent leadership.

Long time ago Nigeria suffers from incompetent leadership, and still is the problem we shade tears due to. Nigerians should lead for the development of this country not to gather wealth for themselves, should this happened we will become first.

a. No body is above the law

The above statement need to be implemented to grow new Nigeria, if anyone committed wrong let them test the consequences.

b. Education is the key to success

Educated people should be the leaders, because most Nigerians leaders aren't deserve to rule.

3. Fighting among religious leaders

In Nigeria most religious leaders fights themselves in different ways, this results in misunderstanding among the followers, the question here is " who is right?"

a. Liscense before you speak

No everyone want to speak should speak, let it be an order.

b. Fine should be place on bad speeches

Everyone talks bad speeches among religious leaders on anyone let the fine be the solution between them.

c. Focus on what is right

Preach the right thing not what your minds like.

Content created and supplied by: Hausaland (via Opera News )

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