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Russian Diplomat Lavrov says that the West’s aim is to set India and China against each other

Lavrov, back from Africa, says <a class=West has failed to 'isolate' Russia | Reuters"/>

Moscow encourages the construction and growth of a conversation between China and India in the interests of addressing bilateral difficulties, while the West seeks to pit them against each other, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Great Game show on TV Channel One on Friday, according to Russian news agency TASS.

"We proceed from the reality that the more they (India and China - TASS) talk, the better it is for everyone and the better for these two big countries, two great civilizations, and the resolution of all their problems," he added. "In the meantime, the West adopts an entirely opposing stance. Its goals are diametrically opposed: to pit India against China.

Our Indian friends are well aware of this. They have been open in notifying us that they are aware of these attempts. They recognize NATO's genuine goals in announcing that its zone of responsibility extends not just to the Euro-Atlantic region, but also to the Indo-Pacific region."

Lavrov emphasized that "NATO is now invading this region of the world by hook or by crook."

The AUKUS bloc, he claims, is one of the tools for such penetration (the US, Australia and Britain). There are proposals to expand it to include Japan and South Korea. Efforts are being undertaken to break the Organization of Southeast Asian States (ASEAN), according to Lavrov, and the Americans have already "selected" five nations that "would be more receptive to such appeals."

Lavrov remembered the US and its allies' efforts to "isolate the subject of maritime security from the universal agenda of East Asian summits, where it is essential to discuss with all stakeholders and make decisions inside a group of select few, where there is neither China, nor Russia, nor a number of other nations."

He stated that while addressing the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD, or QUAD), which India joined together with Australia, the United States, and Japan, his Indian colleagues usually stated that they had committed to engage in QUAD "exclusively for the execution of commercial initiatives."

"All of these initiatives are followed - and the US makes no secret of this - by attempts to encourage India to join anti-Russian sanctions and not to provide Moscow with any opportunity to use Indian resources and Indian logistics to circumvent Western sanctions," Lavrov said.

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