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Stop saying "Rain dey fall small small' see the correct words here

Maybe I should start giving hot slaps to educated people who keep on speaking rubbish. Like this my friend with who always say the ''rain just dey fall small small"

But instead, I just curse them under my breath and think about how their parents wasted money in their university education.

But seriously, what do you saying when it is not raining heavily? If you wish known the correct word to say, keep on reading.

Saying "Rain dey fall small small" It makes you sound foolish

Instead of embarrassing yourself by saying "rain dey fall small small", below are the words to use and some sentences for a better understanding.

1. Drizzle

2. Fine rain

3. Light shower

4. Sprinkle of rain

5. Sprinkle

6. Mizzle


1. It's only a drizzle, we can still go to the church.

2. It's raining over here but It's just a sprinkle of rain. I will be there in a jiffy.

3. I was stood in the mizzle and I fell sick the next day.

Now you know the correct words to say, make use of them. Don't forget to share and drop a comment. Thanks for reading.

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