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Meet The President In Africa That Was Killed By His Own People For Trying To Unite Them.

After he won the Presidential Elections he spent only 3 months in office before he was Murdered at the age of 40. Read the story of Melchior Ndadaye.

Flag Of Burundi

In the year 1993 Melchior Ndadaye became the President of Burundi after the Military Regime was removed, and he became the first Democracy President in the Country.

At the time he won the elections the Country was not United, because of the Tutsi and Hutu tribe which were the major tribes in the Country but during his campaign he promised to Unite the Country.

The Tutsi and Hutu tribe were the two dominant tribe in the Country, and Melchior Ndadaye is from the Hutu tribe. The Hutu Tribe are the majority in the Country but the Tutsi have the highest number of soldiers in the Country, and also they have been the ones ruling the Country since they gained independence in 1962, and that was why it wasn't easy for Melchior to win the Presidential Elections but he won by God's grace.

At the time he became President he became the first Democratic President, and the first man of Hutu tribe to become a President.

After Melchior became President he decided to keep to his promise of uniting the Country, to calm the tribal tension in the Country he appointed a man from the Tutsi tribe named 'Silvie Kinigi' as his Prime Minister, he also gave some valuable positions to most people of the Tutsi tribe, so it wouldn't look like the Hutu tribe was the only one ruling the Goverment.

But as they say some people can never be satisfied, because it was the Tutsi tribe that was ruling the Country before Melchior became President they felt threatened by him. They had countless of businesses and they were the ones controlling the economy of the Country, they also has the majority of people including Generals in the Military but Melchior was becoming more popular and he has gained respect from lots of people. The people of Tutsi tribe know that they had a lot of lose if an Hutu man remain as President, so they quickly held a private meeting and in the meeting they agreed to eliminate the President.

Melchior knew that the Tutsi are not trusted especially since they dominated the Military, and he know that they were not happy with him so he made the decision to sanitize the Military. He made plans to change the criteria for joining the Military, and also decided to move the National headquarters to a different location, but he made his decision too late because the Tutsi people have already planned a coup against him.

His Death

On the 21 of October in the year 1993 armed men visited the Presidential resident and took away the President, his children and his wife. After they took them they took the President to a different room and made him signed some documents, then after that they brought him back to meet his family, but one of the soldiers told the rest that they did not plan to eliminate his family, so they took his family home and he was taken to the force headquarters.

Ten junior army officers were already assigned to kill him, so at that time the Chief of Army Staff said

'You all said you wanted Melchior and now he is here, so you can do whatever you want with him'

After that Melchior was beaten and finally murdered, a mass grave has already been dug in the Military yard so Melchior and the leader of the National Assembly including some other prominent Politicians from the Hutu tribe who were also murdered were buried in the grave. People started to asked questions, and they knew that International Communities will soon get to know if their bodies were not produced, so their bodies were exhumed and given to their families for proper burial, but that also revealed their evil deeds and the Hutu people retaliated.

The whole country was thrown in chaos and the Hutus got angry and started killing the Tutsis in hundreds, both tribes started to kill each other, all the businesses the Tutsis were trying to protect were burnt down, and that was how a civil war that lasted for ten years Started. The Hutus was deeply hurt because, the Tutsi has been ruling the Country right from when they gained independence in the year 1962, but the first Hutu man who became a President was murdered after three months.

Photo Of Melchior Ndadaye Being Lowered To His Grave Above.


Melchior Ndadaye died at a very young age but he did the right thing before his death, he stood for the truth and till this day the Hutu people has not forgotten him. May God Bless Africa.

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