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2 Good Things Rochas Okorocha Did In Imo State That Will Never Be Forgotten By The People

The former governor of Imo State (Senator Rochas Okorocha) is considered as one of the best governors within the state. This is because of the things he did in the state while he was still the Governor.

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However, some of Okorocha's opponents believe that he didn't achieve anything during his 8 years as the governor of Imo State.

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Nevertheless, despite the negative statements from his political opponents, here are 2 things Rochas Okorocha did in Imo State that will not be forgotten by the residents.

Okorocha Introduced Free Education In Imo State.

It's important to know that Rochas Okorocha made education free immediately he became the governor in 2011. This policy helped a lot of less privileged children to get educated without paying money.

(Photo Credit: Afriknews).

Also, parents within the state enjoyed the free education given by Okorocha because they saved the money which they usually spend on paying their child's school fees.

So, I believe that the people of Imo State will never forget the free education given to them by Rochas Okorocha.

Okorocha Built Two Flyovers In The State.

Also, before Rochas Okorocha completed his tenure as the governor of Imo State, he completed the construction of two flyovers within the state.

(Photo Credit: Adrikgist).

One of the flyovers is located along Okigwe road while the other one is along Amakaohia Road. The two flyovers were commissioned before his tenure as the governor expired.

Therefore, I believe that the people of Imo State will never forget these two things that Rochas Okorocha did when he was a governor.

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